Tomikichi Kill 50
Gender Male
Occupation Swordsmen
Affiliation Ogawara
Weapon Katana
Status Unknown
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Tomikichi (とみ吉) are a type of guard who only appear in Tenchu Z. They served in Nagayori Ogawara's army, assisting in the war between Goda and Ogawara. Many of them were killed in the war, while a number of them also disappeared due to the existence of an Azuma ninja and his/her partner. Since the war ended, with victory for Goda due to the assassinations of the Ogawaran leaders, their status is unknown. 

Abilities and AppearenceEdit

Tomikichi are samurai with a brown kimono top and a blue kimono bottom. They wear round pale circular hats, different from an archer's hat, which is triangular and dark red. Other than that, they are the same as normal guards. The skills of a Tomikichi aren't very different from those of regular samurai, and their attack style isn't very different either, but they seem to have slightly more health, and they also seem to do a tad more damage, although they aren't any faster or slower than normal guards. Also what make Tomikichi unique is that every time you kill one, they drop something. Usually these are items like shurikens, pinwheels and any other usable stuff, but they also can drop hazardous things such as smoke bombs, stink bombs and worst of all, firework bombs. It's usually pretty hard to tell whether the items are friendly, since the dangerous ones don't go off until a few seconds later.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • One item that is obviously hazardous is the firework bomb. It looks like a giant white scroll with a black ribbon around the middle of it. It's look is quite deceiving, but it'll take a few seconds to detonate.
  • There are a few achievements for killing Tomikichi. There is one in every level, and there are 50 levels in Tenchu Z. If you kill 5 of them, you'll get an achievement. Kill 10 and you get another. Kill 20, 30, 40 and finally 50 and you get all the Tomikichi killing achievements. Remember that there is only one in every single level, and this is accumulative. After gaining the achievements you'll also unlock costumes. They are the Lion Heads (Face), the Hot dog (sheath), the Kite (Accessory), the Fox Ears and Tail (Accessory), the Battle Flag (Accessory) and a few others.

Gallery Edit

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