Tenchukurenai ost

Tenchu Kurenai album cover


Total Time: 60 minutes

  1. The Crimson Flower (Opening Theme)
  2. Marking Flags (Stage Select)
  3. The Heir (Storyline Slideshow)
  4. Her Majesty, Aya (Items Select)
  5. Flaming Heart (Stage 1)
  6. A Reluctant Independence
  7. Evening in Hakone (Stage 3)
  8. Cheapskate
  9. Dancing Like Flowers Fall
  10. A Captivating Technique ~ Ran (Stage 5)
  11. Rescue (Stage 6)
  12. Crossing Ahead
  13. Chasing Forward
  14. Kada's Humanity (Stage 9)
  15. Pleasure Dancing
  16. Fingers Stained by Crimson
  17. Echoing Strings
  18. Black Chivalry (Final boss)
  19. The Crimson Dealer ~ Rin (Boss gauntlet)
  20. Steach Technique from the East (Boss battle)
  21. Scarlet Official (Options screen)
  22. Visions
  23. The Flower Garden (Stage scores and times)
  24. Research
  25. Tatsushi (Stage complete)
  26. The Unchallenged
  27. The Two Who Spin Time (Ending Theme)

'The Crimson Flower' Lyrics (Jp. 紅の華)Edit

Japanese language (Original):Edit

打ち寄せる波の様に 悲しみに独り咲く
風の声は途切れ途切れ 罪を負い乱れ吹く

たとえ今 命の火が 燃え尽きようとも
永遠に羽ばたくよう 思い続けたい

紅の華の様に 身を焦がし狂い咲く

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