==Prologue== Act 2: The Shifing Sands (流砂)

3 months have passed. Gohda castle was saved by a well timed rain shower, just as the house of Gohda was saved by the Azuma Ninja. While loyal subjects repair the castle, Lord Gohda recovers from his wounds in the Azuma Ninja Village. All seems well, but the village is hard as heavy, but there has been no news of Tatsumaru.

Opening MoveEdit

The scene starts by a chicken in the field. Rikmaru is kneeling down next to Lord Gohda and Master Shiunsai.

Lord Gohda: Terrible news from one of our mountain villages. People are dissapearing, terrifed villagers whisper the Demons have come for them. Go there and stop this tragedy.

Rikimaru: As you command, my Lord.

The next scene starts with a monkey near a river. It runs away, startled by a scream of a man.

Man: Help! Somebody help me!

A man runs away from another man wearing a Demon mask.

Demon: Go ahead and scream! We're in the middle of nowhere! Ain't nobody gonna hear ya, or care.

The scared man falls to the ground. The Demon walks up to him and starts to pick him up.

Man: Please, somebody!

Demon: Ha ha ha!

The Demon knocks the man unconcious and lifts him up to carry him on his shoulder.

Rikimaru: Your a pretty sad excuse for a Demon.

Demon: Who are you?

Rikimaru drops from the sky to the ground next to the Demon.

Rikimaru: I am the man who will cut of your nose, At the neck.

The Demon drops the man down next to him and jumps away and up into the mountains.

Loading ScreenEdit

  • Innocent villagers have been carried off to Demon Mountain.
  • Use the grappeling hook to sneak up on the Demons from below.
  • Infiltrate the Demon hideout and rescue the villagers.

Ending MovieEdit

It starts with a man laughing madly, with a different mask, quite possibly the leader. All of a sudden Rikimaru jumps in front of him and cutting his neck, giving him no chance to fight back. The man falls down.

Rikimaru: You shall die in silence.