==&nbsp Opening Movie== The scene opens to show in the distance, Lord Gohda's castle in flames. Then the camera moves down to see Rikimaru and Lord Gohda watching the castle burn. Lord Gohda kneels down and sobs.

Lord Gohda: Oh! My castle burned! All is lost! If only these tears could quence the flames.

Rikimaru: My Lord.

Lord Gohda: What a pathetic being I have become.

The camera is shown on Rikimaru's face. Then suddenly, a horse could be heard and Sekiya Naotada: Lord Gohda's Senior Advisor comes with a horse. He gets of the horse.

Sekiya: My lord, are you alright?

Lord Gohda: Sekiya, I am glad to see you alive.

Sekiya: You must be Rikimaru. Jube told me how you saved Lord Gohda's life. I am in your debt.

Rikimaru: Saved? It was my sword that...

Lord Gohda: Sekiya, where are Kei and Kiku?

Sekiya: Oh, my Lord, they are...

Lord Gohda: What is it? Tell me!

Sekiya: My Lord, I regret to inform you, that your wife, Lady Kei, has been killed and your daughter, Princess Kiku, has been kidnapped. Ayame is chasing the kidapperer, but my Lord, the kidnapper, the murderer, is your uncle, Motohide.

Lord Gohda: What? Motohide?

Rikimaru: It is my fault, my Lord. I should have been there.

Lord Gohda: It is no fault of yours, Rikimaru. The blame is mine and I must bear it. Alone!

Lord Gohda kneels down and starts hitting the ground.

Rikimaru: My Lord!

Sekiya: My Lord, the enemy has taken advantage of the rebellion to move against us. Toda's troops have crossed our border. What is your command?

Lord Gohda gets up.

Lord Gohda: Toda thinks my uncle's treason leaves us helpless? I'll kill that coward myself!

Lord Gohda falls back down again.

Rikimaru: I will find Toda my Lord and bring you his head.

Rikimaru gets up and walks away.

Lord Gohda: Rikimaru?

Rikimaru: My Lord, If you die this day, Motohide will rule.

Rikimaru walks and ends up in the entrance to Toda's camp.

Rikimaru: Toda, your time is at hand!

Loading ScreenEdit

Lord Toda's war camp

  • Lord Toda has taken the higher ground. Infiltrate his headquarters.
  • Climb trees with the grappling hook.
  • The pouring rain makes for low visibility.

Mid-Mission MovieEdit

A Kunai hits the ground near Rikimaru. Rikimaru looks up as a man jumps from a tree to the ground. The man talks to him.

Suzaku: I am Suzaku, The Red Sparrow. You may not pass beyond this.

Rikimaru: Stand aside!

Suzaku: What's your hurry hero? Stay and play.

Ending MovieEdit

Suzaku jumps over Rikimaru.

Suzaku: You are good, little Ninja. One day you might actually become a worthy opponent for me.

Suzaku runs and jumps away.

Rikimaru: Come back! Forget it, I've got to stop Toda. I'll get Suzaku some other day.

Rikimaru walks in and looks over to discover that Motohide is dead.

Rikimaru: Looks like you have paid a high price for your treason, Motohide.

He walks onward and discovers that Toda is dead aswell.

Rikimaru: Toda! Ayame? No, such a clean cut. Must have been Tatsumaru.

Rikimaru hears fighting in the distance and runs away from the camp. Ayame runs in the forest, carrying Princess Kiku in her back. She stops.

Ayame: Oh no!

She sees in the distance Tatsumaru and someone else fighting. She drops Princess Kiku to the ground as Rikimaru runs up to her.

Ayame: Rikimaru, protect Princess Kiku.

Ayame runs off, leaving them both. Tatsumaru and a woman continue fighting as Ayame arrives. As they fight, the ground underneath them crumbles apart, sending them both into the water below.

Ayame: Tatsumaru!

She runs to the edge, but only sees a peice of cloth. She puts her head down.