== Proloug == Act 1: The Red Lotus (紅蓮 Guren)

The senior Lord Gohda's death launched a vicious struggle for power. A series of battles and betrayals, worse than any of Japan's bloodstained history. How? Lord Gohda left all the power and glory of his title, the riches of his empire to his son, Matsunoshin. But Lord Gohda's brother, a man named Motohide, belived himself to be the empire's rightful heir. Motohide was able to bribe certain Samurai to his side and immerse the empire into civil war. Gohda's family advisor, Sekiya Naotada, responded the only way he could. He called for the Azuma Ninja.

Opening MovieEdit

The scene opens to show Rikimaru's house. Tatsumaru: Azuma Ninja walks to the door. Rikimaru is sitting on the floor reading a book. Tatsumaru leans on the door.

Tatsumaru: Rikimaru, Master Shiunsai calls us.

Rikimaru: On my way.

The two Ninjas walk to Azuma's house when Ayame: Azuma Ninja walks up to them.

Ayame: Huh? What are you two doing here?

Azuma walks through the door and all three Ninjas kneel before him.

Azuma: My students, rebellion has broken out in the house of Gohda. Our honarable Lord Gohda is in danger from his own uncle, Motohide. If the Lord we serve falls

to a dishonarable crater, we, the Azuma ninja, will stand for nothing. Go to Gohda castle, protect Lord Gohda with your lives!

Azuma holds a sword out for all of the Ninjas to see.

Azuma: This is the ancestral sword, Izayoi, the spirirt of the Azuma Ninja.

Azuma kneels down, and hands the sword to Tatsumaru. Tatsumaru stands up and takes it.

Azuma: Tatsumaru, it is yours. Today, you replace me as Master Ninja. May honor guide your hand.

Tatsumaru: Master...

Rikimaru: But...

Ayame: No...

Azuma turns around and Rikimaru and Ayame stand up.

Azuma: The powerful must know when to pass along their power. As you three graduate to new roles, I also acsend.

Tatsmaru: Very well, Master...

Rikimaru: I obey...

Ayame: Yes, Master...

Another scene opens and it shows Gohda Castle. An enemy Ninja cuts a woman as she is on the ground. A green armored samurai stabs a blue armored one. Somewhere else, another blue samurai falls down from a really big height and lands next to another woman. She tries to walk away, but she falls. She gets back up to walk again but sh is stopped by Rikimaru, Ayame and Tatsumaru. The woman sits on the floor.

Woman: Please don't kill me!

Rikimaru: We're here to help.

Woman: Oh thank goodness! His lordship is still inside. So are Lady Kei and Princess Kiku.

Rikimaru: Let's go!

Tatsumaru: Ayame, find Lady Kei and the Princess. Rikimaru, come with me. We must rescue Lord Gohda.

All three Ninjas run and jump away in different directions. Rikimaru and Tatsumaru run along the path when Tatsumaru stops.

Tatsumaru: Wait... Rikimaru, go and find his lordship. I'll catch up later.

Rikimaru nods and runs ahead.

Loading ScreenEdit

Treason at Gohda Castle

  • Troops loyal to Motohide are attacking Gohda Castle.
  • Your Mission is to find and protect Lord Gohda.
  • Hurry to your Lord's quarters in the castle's top level.

Mid-Mission MovieEdit

The scene opens by Rikimaru leaning on a wall and overhearing the conversation with Lord Gohda and Motohide.

Motohide: Lord Gohda's Uncle: The world is torn apart by war. I am the house of Gohda's only hope. The peasants must learn their place.

Lord Gohda: Ruler of the house of Gohda: Your wrong uncle! The people are the soul of this land.

Motohide: Enough!

Motohide and Lord Gohda start fighting. Lord Gohda knocks Motohide down, then lifts his sword up, about to kill him, but changes his mind. He lowers his sword down, bt Motohide pulls a firearm of some sort and points it at Lord Gohda.

Motohide: Compasstionate fool.

Motohide shoots Lord Gohda and Lord Gohda falls to the floor. Rikimaru runs up to Gohda.

Rikimaru: My Lord!

If Motohide winsEdit

We see Motohide holding the decapitated head of Lord Gohda.

Motohide:I'm sorry it had to end this way nephew, but compassion is a weakness that rulers cannot afford.

Ending MovieEdit

Rikimaru is in the same position where Gohda was before, about to strike him down.

Motohide: How humiliating, defeated by a servent!

Rikimaru: Motohide, prepare to die!

Rikimaru swings his sword, and in slow motion, Gohda steps in the way. He gets slashed instead of Motohide. He falls down to the ground.

Rikimaru: No...

Rikimaru throws his sword away and kneels down next to Lord Gohda. Motohide get up and walks away, laughing as he went. Rikimaru holds up Gohda's head.

Rikimaru: Lord Gohda...

Lord Gohda: Identify yourself ninja.

Rikimaru: Rikimaru, of the Azuma Ninja, my Lord

Lord Gohda: Ah, I recognise you now!

Rikimaru: My Lord I tried to kill the traitor, but I have dishonored myself by striking you.

Lord Gohda: Nonsence! You did not mean to injure me. My uncle, he is misguided, but he is trying to save the land.

A man suddenly runs through the door. He is Tachibana Jubei: Lord Gohda's Fencing Instructor.

Jubei: Assassin!

Lord Gohda: Jubei, stop! It's Rikimaru! He saved my life!

Jubei: Rikimaru? The ruffian Master Shiunsai was training. hmm... Well you have my thanks but my Lord, Motohide's thugs have broken into the castle, you muust flee! Use the secret exit!

Lord Gohda: I will not leave the castle. My wife and daughter are still here.

Jubei: Please, my Lord, they'll kill you!

Rikimaru: Lady Kei and Princess Kiku are in good hands. Ayame went to rescue them. My Lord, what of the people? What will become of them if you die today?

Enemy samurais appear but Jubei keeps them bac.

Jubei: My Lord, I beg you, take the secret passage. Rikimaru, protect him. Go! I can't hold them off forever.

Rikimaru helps Lord Gohda up and takes him to the back of the room, revealing the secret passage by pulling a scroll from the wall. Lord Gohda crawls in.