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Prologue Edit

Last night a creature calling himself Onikage led an army of ninja like demons on a attack againts one of Lord Gohda's castles. Onikage and his servants has a strength far beyond of ordinary human. They were quickly overwhelmed the guards and kill all castle's residents.

Onikage is now making preparations to invade the town. He must be stopped. The castle is heavily fortifide and well defended. A frontal assault is impossible.

You must infiltrate the castle and eradicate enemies from within.

Loading Screen Edit

Reclaim The Castle

  • Use narrow spaces to your advantage.
  • Always be alert for hostile ninjas.
  • Be careful in the castle tower.

Boss Movie Edit

Onikage: You have done well to get here. Lord Mei-Oh would be so impressed.

Rikimaru: So Onikage! Your Lord Mei-Oh is behind all of this.

Onikage: What does it matter? By now, your Lord Gohda's castle will have been breached. And you shall die here.

If Rikimaru Defeats Onikage Edit

Rikimaru: What? He's gone!?

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