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Prologue Edit

Long ago, an evil spirit was trap in a magical stone. The stone has the power to control minds and outer bodies. It's been stolen by a strange cult called the Manji.

The Manji are using it to travel temple to temple, slowly biulding an army of zombies like followers. Soon they will start attacking villages, then towns, then cities.

You must recover the stone and terminate the cult before it's too late.

Loading Screen Edit

Infiltrate The Manji Cult

  • Beware of deranged cultists.
  • Stay alert, stay alive.
  • Examine the statue from top to bottom.

Boss Movie Edit

Rikimaru jumps from top of the statue because someone is coming.

Manji: I know what you want. You want the stone. It's safe inside my belly. You're not going to get it.

Rikimaru: You use the stone to hurt people. I will take it, even if it means gutting you.

If Rikimaru Defeats Manji Edit

Manji: Mmmmy... Mmmmy... Mmmmy... precious stone.

Rikimaru: Burn in hell you, heretic.

Onikage: I found that somewhat amusing.

Rikimaru: Onikage, so you're behind this too, come on.

Onikage: You are brave but foolish. You will die.

If Rikimaru beats Onikage Edit

Onikage: I underestimated you. Next time, you die.

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