Prologue Edit

While you are chasing Onikage in the castle, Mei-Oh the King of Hell kidnapped Princess Kiku, Lord Gohda's only daughter. Lord Gohda and his advisers are too shocked for the kidnapping for any thought of actions. With Princess Kiku as a hostage, Mei-Oh's evil power is unlimited.

You are Lord Gohda's only hope. You must rescue the princess and destroy Mei-Oh..

Loading Screen Edit

Free The Princess

  • Prepare for the ultimate challenge.
  • Flames and lava bring instant death.
  • Follow the princess's voice.

Sub Boss Movie Edit

Rikimaru arrives at some temple. Someone is guarding the inner room.

Onikage: I see, you have come to meet your fate.

Rikimaru: So, you have returned! This time you won't come back.

Onikage: You can't beat me when I try.

Rikimaru: We'll find out.

If Rikimaru Defeats Onikage Edit

Onikage bleeds and fall down.

Onikage: Stop, you have won. Your Princess Kiku is held below, guarded by Lord Mei-Oh himself. I will see you in hell.

Rikimaru: Onikage, I've destroyed you and your master Mei-Oh is next.

Then Rikimaru rushes inside the temple and slashes the big rock to open a path underground.

Boss Movie Edit

Rikimaru arrives at some big hall linked to another dimension.

Mei-Oh: So, you killed Onikage, who would have thought it possible.

Rikimaru: Tell me where Princess Kiku is.

Mei-Oh: Don't concern yourself with the girl. Think about saving your own skin.

If Rikimaru Defeats Mei-Oh Edit

Mei-Oh: No! This cannot be! A mere human?

Mei-Oh is starting to disappear to another dimension.

Rikimaru: All Lord Gohda's enemies die by this blade.

Kiku: Rikimaru!

Rikimaru: Princess! You're safe.

Kiku: Ayame saved me, but I was scared.

Ayame: Rikimaru, it's dangerous here, we've better get out.

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