Prologue Edit

Following his death, Echigoya's ledgers were thoroughly examined. The investigation revealed a link between the merchant and a man called Kataoka, Lord Gohda's finance minister. Kataoka is abusing his position, accepting bribes in return of signing city construction projects and similar favors.

Kataoka happens to be the son-in-law of Seikiya, one of Lord Gohda's most trusted advisers. Lord Gohda knows the truth and could have Kataoka arrested, but he does not want to bring unbearable shame to Seikiya.

Understanding his master's dilemma, Seikiya has decided to resolve the matter himself and orders you to execute the corrupt finance minister.

Loading Screen Edit

Execute The Corrupt Minister

  • Find the body guard first.
  • Beware of hidden archers.
  • Never harm the innocent.

Opening Movie Edit

Bodyguard: Minister Kataoka sure likes his money.

Kataoka: What is this Bizenya? There is more here than usual...

Bizenya: We could not do business without you... The money is merely a token of our appreciation.

Kataoka: I like the way you think. What can I help you with today?

Bizenya: We have put in bids for the construction work next month, if you could only...

Kataoka: Leave it to me. But remember what happened to Echigoya. Tread carefully.

Sub Boss Movie Edit

Ayame: Hey you, where's your boss?

Bodyguard: You, you're Lord Gohda's ninja! How convenient of you to come here. I have orders to kill you.

If Ayame Defeats Bodyguard Edit

Bodyguard: Wa-wait! Please, spare my life.

Ayame: Make you a deal. Tell me where is your boss and maybe I'll let you live.

Bodyguard: The ma-ma-master is out. He, he, he should be back soon.

Suddenly the Bodyguard is pierced with golden arrow. Some laugh voice is heard from hidden place.

If Bodyguard Defeats Ayame Edit

Bodyguard: Minister Kataoka should be safe for a while. Hahaha

Boss Movie Edit

Ayame found the place where Kataoka is hiding.

Ayame: Lord Gohda trusted you. How could you betray him.

Kataoka: I may have made mistakes but I allow no women to scold me like that. You shall die with my arrows!

Ayame: Your arrows are like you, weak and twisted I fear them not.

If Ayame Defeats Kataoka Edit

Kataoka: Wha-what? How could I have lost?

Ayame: You stole from Lord Gohda. How could you have won?

If Kataoka Defeats Ayame Edit

Kataoka: Bet you don't feel so smart now! Hahaha

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