Prologue Edit

Years of bloody civil war have ended in fragile truce. It's a time for peace, but the threat of attack is constant. Death and destruction is the price for complacency.

Ever vigilant, Lord Gohda sent you to spy on suspicious movements in a potentially hostile neighboring territory. Lord Gohda's worst fears are true. This neighbor intends to attacks with an army of 20,000 men. Lord Gohda must be informed.

You rush back towards his territory under the cover of darkness. Near the border you come accross an enemy checkpoint. There's no way around it. you must get through the checkpoint and deliver your report.

Loading Screen Edit

Cross the Checkpoint

  • Sneak underneath your enemies.
  • Use the bridge to your advantage.
  • Quickness beats two handed strength.

Opening Boss Movie Edit

Ayame rushes to the gate of the enemy territory, but being held by the woman with spear.

Tazu: Please stop right where you are. You seem in such a great haste for such a late hour, where are you going?

Ayame: It's a beautiful night. You should be looking for a boyfriend, not playing with your dad's weapon.

Tazu: How dare you speak to me like that? I'll teach you some manners.

If Ayame Defeats Tazu Edit

Tazu bleeds and falls down.

Tazu: I have failed.

Ayame: If you worried more about your skill and less about my manners, you'd still be alive.

If Tazu Defeats Ayame Edit

Tazu: The graves on the ridge will get slightly more crowded.

Boss Movie Edit

Ayame opens the exit gate of enemy territory. There's a man with two-handed sword standing by and guarding the exit.

Senjuro: What? A little girl like you defeated my dear sister?

Ayame: I just gave her a little lesson in manners. And you're next.

Senjuro: No! In today's lesson you'll learn how a Myojinsoga master uses swords to avenge his sister!

If Ayame Defeats Senjuro Edit

Senjuro bleeds and falls down.

Senjuro: Tazu, I could not avenge you dear sister. I failed as a brother and as a warrior...

Ayame: Brother and sister, huh? Your parents must not have done a very good job.

If Senjuro Defeats Ayame Edit

Senjuro: Tazu, I have avenged your death.

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