Prologue Edit

A large and well organized group of outlaws intends to attack Lord Gohda's territory. You have stolen a copy of their plans. If these plans are delivered to Lord Gohda his forces will crush the outlaws at little cost. Without the plans Lord Gohda faces a brutal fight.

The enemy has sent a group of ninja to the town outside your lord's castle to stop you from delivering the plans. Elude or destroy these enemies and get the plans to Lord Gohda.

Loading Screen Edit

Deliver The Secret Message

  • Mark your path with colored rice.
  • Beware of enemies on the roofs.
  • Never harm the innocent.

Opening Movie Edit

The scene opens on the outskirts of the village. Ayame runs into the village and then stops.

Ayame: I don't care what. This message is getting through.

Ending Movie Edit

The scene opens on the stairway to Lord Gohda's castle. Ayame is running up the stairs to the main entrance, and stops before Counsel Sekiya.

Ayame: Sorry, I stopped for some refreshments.

Counsel Sekiya: Haha. You have done well. Lord Gohda is waiting for you. Come.

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