Shiunsai Azuma
Gender Male
Occupation Shinobi
Affiliation Azuma Ninja Clan
Weapon Cane Ninjato
Izayoi (former)
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins

Shiunsai Azuma (東 紫雲齋 Azuma Shiunsai?) is the former grand master of a long lineage within the Azuma Ninja.


Early History of The Azuma FamilyEdit

1150777-azuma large

Azuma lineage is passed down

The childhood of Azuma Sensei, is shrouded mostly in secrecy. It is still a secret when exactly he was born or where or to whom. Azuma Sensei was more than likely born into the Azuma family around the early 1500's (the prelogue in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, says "It is the age of the warring states the old Shogun has fallen and samurai warlords fight savage battles for the right to hoist their flag over the great castles of Japan"). Around this time, the most historicaly accurate shogunate, was the Ashikaga Shogunate which fell in or around the year 1573. The fact that the Azuma family name is shared with the Azuma village. Could lead to some speculation that the Azuma were named after the village. During this time and even before it was not uncommon for families or individual warriors. Whether samurai or shinobi, to adopt the name of a respected village or town.

A real-life representation of this is the historical Togakure-ryu ninjutsu named after Daisuke Togakure (Daisuke Nishina) who changed his name after Togakure Village where he was born. When exactly the Azuma family established the Azuma Shinobi-ryu (Azuma School of Ninjutsu) is still unknown. But seeing how Azuma Sensei was born into the by then well established Azuma Shinobi-ryu. Pretty much shows the ninjutsu-ryu's lineage stretches back even further. As said to Tatsumaru when the entire Azuma Shinobi-ryu tradition was passed down to him. "This is the ancestral sword Izayoi (full moon) the spirit of the Azuma Ninja; Azuma Shiunsai". Also it was not uncommon for some ninjutsu-ryu to be within a ninja familiy that was at first a samurai family. Again the real-life Togakure-Ryu Ninpo, whether the Azuma family started as as samurai family and evolved is unknown but unlikely.

This statement proves the Azuma-ryu existed even further beyond the early 1500s. More than likely it was established in the 14th century some time. What is known is that this ninjutsu-ryu was established in a time of widespread war, and through the generations have passed down the secret techniques and traditions of the Azuma-ryu. It's main focus were based strongly on unorthodox methods of war, battlefield survival tactics, espionage, sabotage, assassination, and of course stealth. Being a school established in the Sengoku Period (warring states), firmly places the Azuma Shinobi-ryu as a Koryu (traditional/old school; Koryu systems of martial arts are very commonly far more revered as they are combative systems that were developed during and from Japan's feudal military culture. The primary purpose and emphasis of a koryu martial system was for use in war. The most extreme koryu schools preserve and keep intact its traditional, and very ancient practices even in the absence of continuing wars in which to test them.) This can be seen through Azuma Sensei, his students, and the students of current Master of Azuma Shinobi-ryu Rikimaru.

Grandmaster Azuma Begins Training in Azuma Shinobi-ryu NinjutsuEdit

Well at some point in his youth, he began his rigorous and long hard training within the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. Training was fierce and kept secret within the Azuma family and was passed down through kuden (verbal transmission) the Azuma kept little record of its existence, ryu, military operations, and traditions. This way the Azuma Ninja remained shrouded in secrecy. As said, the Azuma Shinobi-ryu was developed mainly for war, Azuma Sensei's training focused on Azuma Shinobi-ryu interpretations of multiple arts. Some of these include Azuma-taijutsu, Azuma-jutaijutsu, long distance running, underwater survival and combat, battlefield awareness, sensing the intentions of others (though not a complete discipline), around about his mid teens more than likely he began studying and training in the special weapons and more advanced secret techniques unique to the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. Such weapons or tools studied were the stealth camoflouge, sleep powder, invisibility technique, chameleon technique, exploding arrows, blowgun, shadow control ,Feign Death, Ninja Mind Control, Shinobi-irijutsu (Stealth and Entering), Gokui Atemi Sakkatsuho Zukai: Secret Killing Strikes Art, koppojutsu (bone breaking), as well as boryaku (military strategy), Seishin Teki Kyoko (spiritual refinement), and Zanshin: clear mental awareness.

He spent hours training at a time, sometimes he may have even been suspended from a tree in order to build up and master patience. Being a system of unorthodox methods of war, the Azuma Ninja trained their students hard, in order to condition them for the demanding battlefield and outside world at large. Around this time (Sengoku period which was initiated by the Onin War-1467to1477), the country of Japan was a large scale battlefield due to this, and the Azuma family survived and continued through the great wars. The Azuma Shinobi-ryu was based in the small Azuma Village, high and deep in the mountains of the small country Gohda. At some time in history the House of Gohda brokered an agreement with the Azuma Ninja clan to serve as the countries spies in return for peace and respecting their secrecy and seclusion. The Azuma Ninja accepted seeing how they have served the House of Gohda for generations through rebellions, civil war, and external wars. Azuma Sensei mastered the knowledge surrounding poisons. In his youth its speculated he possessed immense potential, whether or not Master Shiunsais Sensei trained and intended on passing the Azuma ninjutsu-ryu lineage to him initially is unknown but it clearly was. When exactly he began performing missions as an Azuma Ninja is not on record. Nor how or when his predecessor stepped down or passed on.

Master Of The Azuma Shinobi-RyuEdit

At some point in his young adulthood, more than likely, the Master Ninja of the Azuma Ninja clan. Passed the Azuma Shinobi-ryu tradition to the new Master:Azuma Shiunsai and leadership of the clan to him through Izayoi. Having fully mastered all the aspects including combat techniques, theory and philosophy of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu Master Shiunsai was ready to continue the lineage that had existed and survived for generations long since passed in the Sengoku period. That had been developed for war and survival during war, was finally passed down to him. It was a true honor for Azuma Sensei, to hold the honorable title of Master Ninja within his ninjutsu-ryu. He loved his ryu and clan very deeply.

Throughout his Azuma Ninja service in the field, Azuma Shinobi-ryu Master, Azuma Sensei eventually started thinking about and considering training his own students. Azuma Sensei performed countless missions for Gohda Matsunoshins father. Former head of the House of Gohda, who ruled the country of Gohda. His service earned him high levels of honorary respect from those who met him, fought him, and heard of him. One mission around about the 1550s early to mid, Master Shiunsai assassinated a man, under the orders of the House of Gohda. It is unknown what this mans status was, but he did infact have a son named Tatsukichi (辰吉). Azuma Sensei seeing the boy and knowing that his actions left him without a family. Sensed in him an immense amount of potential, that could be properly molded under the study, and masterful tutelage of Azuma Shinobi-ryu Master Ninja Azuma Shiunsai.

Azuma Sensei took the young Tatsukichi back with him to the Azuma Village. Since Tatsukichi was of age, began his rigorous, ancient, and traditional Azuma ninjutsu training. The boy lived up completely to Azuma Sensei's teachings, highly adept at picking up and learning techniques, more specifically Azuma-taijutsu. Which he mastered at a young age and used as his primary form of combat even when faced with enemies bearing swords. Tatsukichi also showed great mental control, which was the second half of his training. Azuma Sensei upon seeing this in a youth of his age, new that one day he would pass the entire Azuma Shinobi-ryu tradition along with leadership of the Azuma Ninja clan to his most prized student. Tatsukichi at about the age of 16 or 17 was inducted into the Azuma Ninja clan and named Tatsumaru.

About two years after stumbling across Tatsukichi, Azuma Sensei received orders to assassinate a particular samurai. Together with several seasoned Azuma Ninja they infiltrated the samurais house and claimed his life. During the escape however, they were discovered by his wife and a family servant. The Azuma very quickly silenced them both, as they prepared to silence the crying child being clutched in the deceased mothers arms, Master Shiunsai stopped them from killing the baby boy. Taking pity on the boy for leaving him in a situation similar to Tatsukichi, Azuma Sensei took him home to the Azuma village and raised him as if he were his own son. Master Shiunsai already raising and training Tatsukichi, thought and decided, when the baby boy is of age he to will be trained in the arts of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. Once the young boy grew to be of proper age, to undertake the rigorous and demanding Azuma ninjutsu training. It became apparent to Azuma Sensei that the boy may have been too weak to endure the training. Being the battlefield hardened and wise Azuma-ryu Master, Azuma Sensei named the boy Chikara for strength. Whether it was his name, the inspiration from seeing how dedicated his sensei was in his growth and success, or whether it was daily taijutsu and jutaijutsu sparring sessions with Tatsukichi that drove him to becoming stronger is uncertain.

However Chikara grew to be a very strong boy within the Azuma Village. If he had anything that could be looked at as a shortcoming, it was that he didn't learn new techniques as fast as the other students. But Azuma Sensei encouraged and guided his training every step. Chikara developed into an oustanding swordsman, striving to be as Tatsukichi at his level of skill. Around his mid teen years he mastered a highly unorthodox Azuma-kenjutsu style. That strongly emphasizes a reverse gripping of the sword behind the back with the empty hand leading and body weight centered in a low stance.

Training 02

Rikimaru enduring the Azuma water training phase

Within the advanced Azuma-kenjutsu style, techniques of graceful movement, counter-attacks, and evasion are taught. The style could be considered a soft-hard style, a style that starts off as a soft receiving fluid style. Evading attacks completley and counter-attacking or blocking and deflecting, then the hard aspect generating power and pressing the attack with little to no wasted movements. Expressed through his adulthood and numerous duels later on. At the age of 18, Chikara became a fully inducted member of the Azuma Ninja clan. Earning a new name and title Rikimaru/Azuma Ninja.

Years later after finding Chikara, during the Warring States period. Azuma Sensei traveled to Kyoto which is not far from the Iga-Province. There needs to be something spoken on this, for these two ninjutsu-Koryu share a few of the same tools and the clan spoken of operated not too far outside of Kyoto. The real-life Togakure-Ryu Ninjutsu was uniquely recognized for employing a few hidden weapons tetsubishi (known in the Tenchu series as caltrops), Shuko climbing claws, Senban Shuriken (the famous four pointed throwing star), and Shindake (a bamboo tube used for underwater breathing and a blowgun). All of these are unique to the Togakure-ryu as their secrets were passed down through their lineage. Now, with secrets like this being seen within the Azuma Shinobi-ryu one can assume that the Togakure either trained, fought, taught, or had a major influence over the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. For such knowledge would have only been provided by them more than likely.

While in Kyoto he saw how the wars had left the then small village in ruins. Brought upon by warring samurai clans fighting for control. Standing at a riverbank amongst what remained of the recent battlefield. Master Shiunsai noticed a very young girl watching the corpses of fallen samurai and slain innocents float by. Azuma Sensei was puzzled by this sight was it a sign of some sort. The girl knew her name and age but that was all. After being unable to find her parents Master Shiunsai decided there was nothing more he could do. But could not bear to leave her to fend for herself at that tender age. But what could he possibly do or teach to a young girl he was an Azuma Ninja hardened Master. He couldn't train her that was unheard of, the rigorous training of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu would be too hard and demanding for her. He was not part of your more larger schools teaching ninjutsu like the Iga or Koka schools. The Azuma Shinobi-ryu was small but not to be underestimated, they just simply preferred complete seclusion and natural resources to supplement their existence and secrecy. As an Azuma Master, Azuma Sensei knew nothing of the ways of the hearts emotions. What could he teach in traditional kunoichi arts or seduction and hypnotism. With his thoughts of doubt, in taking and raising her rising, he decided it was time to leave the girl clutching at his sleeve. But at that moment, knew from years of battlefield experience he sensed in her the potential to endure the training.

After bringing Omon to the Azuma Village, Azuma Sensei raised her the way he was raised, and the only way he knew how was that of a regular Azuma Ninja like Tatsukichi and Chikara. Based on natural abilities, and talent despite her late start Omon was more than likely the most talented out of all three but also had a bad attitude. Which could have reduced some of her immense potential. For example very curious and willing to learn new Azuma-ryu techniques and picked up quickly of course. She was skilled in all the arts put before her, but lacked the very necessary virtue of patience needed in understanding and mastering the delicate subtleties within the techniques. Even though she still possessed great skill and knowlege of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. With that said its hard to truly determine without her attitude how far she truly could have developed. Possibly surpassing Azuma Sensei or even Rikimaru Sensei, despite her late start Omon passed the initiation training mission with little ease. Earning the name Ayame and the title Azuma Ninja at the impressive age of 14, even younger than Tatsumaru. Extremely talented students are only the result and reflection the Master that teaches, trains, and guides them.

Next Generation Of Azuma Ninja Inherits Azuma Shinobi-RyuEdit

Around about 1573 Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins during the Warring States period, the country of Gohda was thrown into civil war by Gohda Motohide. Who felt it was he who should have inhereted the title daimyo over the House of Gohda. This war lead to the Azuma Ninja being called upon once more. Master Shiunsai knew from years of experience that the time to appoint his successor was. Appearing from a revolving door within his house holding Izayoi the full moon ninjato of the Azuma. Master Shiunsai explained the situation to his young students. Then announced to Tatsumaru that with him passing this sword down to him along with it the Azuma Shinobi-ryu history, lineage, and Master Ninja rank of the Azuma Ninja clan. Saying "The powerful, must know when to pass along their power. As you three graduate to new roles I also ascend". More than likely he attained the level of Azuma Soke (Grandmaster) when Tatsumaru became Azuma clan Master. But also at finally, being able to see how his training and strict tutelage of his students will pay off. Now that they are free to leave the village and experience true Azuma Ninja survival in the many wars that are all across Japan.

Passing And Legacy Of The Azuma Ninja Clan Grandmaster Azuma ShiunsaiEdit

During the Great War between the country of Gohda and the Burning Dawn. The renegade ninja group lead by former Nyogetsu Ninja Master, Lady Kagami, attacked the Azuma Village as punishment for their interference. Tatsumaru, suffering from amnesia after an earlier duel lead the assault into the village. His mission orders assassinate the Azuma Grandmaster, Azuma Shiunsai. Silently eliminating the majority of the elderly Azuma, who valiantly fought and died for their respected village. Tatsumaru came upon his masters hut, entering he quickly incapacated Lord Gohda and dueled the Master. Azuma Sensei as it would be expected fought hard and with the skill of a previous but well-aged Azuma Master. But was not able to withstand the skill and youth of the heir of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. At some point during the duel Tatsumaru drew Izayoi into combat in order to keep up with the Azuma Master swordsman. Finding and opening in his masters technique, the highly-skilled shinobi quickly thrust Izayois' blade into the chest of its former wielder and Azuma Master.


The Master Ninja dies

After this event while dying, Master Shiunsai tells Rikimaru that "the fate of the Azuma clan is now in your hands." Azuma Shiunsai

Rikimaru Sensei and Ayame Sensei avenge both Master Shiunsai and their then almost extinct Azuma Ninja clan at the Battle of Gohda Harbor. But with their survival and retreival of Izayoi the Azuma Shinobi-ryu survived the war that almost brought about the end to this historical Ninjutsu-Koryu. Seven years passed and Master Rikimaru and Ayame trained very hard. With no experienced previous Azuma Master to turn too, in order to help teach and train him the most secretive techniques of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu. He taught himself, it was not easy by any means. But through his unshakeable dedication, that in which he's possessed since childhood. Mastered all the secret techniques of the Azuma-ryu becoming maybe the most powerful Master Ninja the clan had ever seen. Because he also taught these very same techniques to Ayame or she could have taught herself. To name only a few of the most secret and powerful techniques some are the Wrath of Heaven jutsu, Tengu Conceal, Ninja Rebirth, World jutsu/space time manipulation technique, the latter is found in Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, along with the ability to generate and perform lightning attacks.


All of Master Shiunsais students at some point held the title Master Ninja of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu, possibly making this honorable Azuma Grandmaster the greatest the Azuma and abroad has ever seen. His teachings and philosophy live on through the Azuma Shinobi-ryu currently taught by Rikimaru Sensei his second student. As we've seen in the House of Gohda-House of Ogawara War. Rikimaru Sensei's students were trained and taught well showing that this Azuma Master learned well. But like a true Azuma Ninjutsu Master, ensured the survival of the Azuma Shinobi-ryu will continue on into the next generation and beyond.

"You must not be ruled by vengeance or anger when you face him or you will fail again." - Azuma Grandmaster Azuma Shiunsai


As former Grand Master Ninja of Azuma clan, Azuma is unquestionably very skillful. He is the one who taught Rikimaru and Ayame, that means he is highly skilled in swordmanship. He also the one who taught Tatsumaru taijutsu, that means he is highly skilled in martial arts too, although he is seldom to use it in combat.


  • The first two kanji of his name 紫雲 (shiun) are a reference to the purlpe clouds on which Amitabha Buddha welcomes the dead at the time of death. That appearance is called raigō. For more information about the name read the talk page.

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