Ogawaran Female Agent
Oagwara female agent
Gender Female
Occupation Ogawaran Agent
Affiliation House of Ogawara
Weapon Knife
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

The Ogawaran Female Agents were three spies who relayed information from various places in the House of Gohda to leaders in the country of Ogawara. They were all disguised as restaurant land ladies, but it wasn't enough to protect them from an Azuma ninja, who assassinated all of them in their restaurants to prevent any more information leaking out.


Agent Oiwa (お岩)Edit

The first known agent encountered, she was assassinated to prevent information leaking out to other countries. She wore a full body purple dress with a white colored outer jacket and had an evil like face.

Agent Osae (お紗江)Edit

The second known agent encountered and the most threatening of them, she was assassinated while waiting for Hidenori Todo, a Gohda Official. She was apparently going to have a suspicious talk with him that might have seducted him, so her death warned him about spies. She wore a full body red dress with a blue outer jacket. She had a slightly fatter face than the others.

Agent Okei (お啓)Edit

The last known agent encountered, she was also assassinated to prevent her escaping with information, but this time this information would've been sent to Nagayori Ogawara himself had not the ninja killed her. Her look is identical to Agent Oiwa, but her dress seems to have a slight pinkish feel.

Abilities Edit

The agents didn't have any abilities worthy of note and they were slow using their daggers. However, their appearances were deceiving enough to get them through the borders of Gohda and they fooled many men.

Trivia Edit

  • The cutscene of the level where you kill Agent Okei showed her wearing Agent Osae's dress, but in gameplay she wears Agent Oiwa's dress. The reason for this is unknown and it seems some of the agents' clothing have been mixed up.
  • The mission number the agents are killed in have connections. Agent Oiwa was killed in mission 24. Agent Okei was killed in mission 34, exactly 10 missions afterwards. Agent Osae was killed in mission 27, 3 missions after the death of Agent Oiwa. Agent Okei was killed 7 missions after the death of Osae, whose death was in mission 27. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.
  • All the restaurants where the agents were assassinated were called Shion (料亭紫苑 Ryōtei Shion). In fact, the restaurants where Izaemon Kimura and Piet Nekilt were assassinated were also called Shion. It is unknown if this is a coincidence.

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