Ogawara Ninja

The Ogawara Ninja (緒河原 忍者), were a group of ninja loyal to the country of Ogawara. The ninja's apparent allegiance was to Nagayori Ogawara, the Daimyo over the country.


Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

During the war between the countries of Ogawara and Gohda there were at least two identified ninja masters, one was Gunzo (軍蔵 Gunzō), who was assassinated by the Azuma Ninja at the Enyu Temple and the other one was Denki (伝鬼 Denki), who was also assassinated but at the Kasumiume Bridge because he killed Hidenori Todo, a Gohda Official. Not much is known on this groups history and it is possible that they are not like the Azuma Ninja clan.


Ninja Master

A shadowy image of an Ogawaran Ninja Gunzo

The Ogawara Ninja's skills were never fully expressed in traditional ninjutsu, mainly because their daimyo used them as regular guards instead of strategically deploying them as spies. However, at times they were known to apply stealth by hiding on rooftops and suprising unaware Azuma Ninja. When and intruder was discovered they showed skill in the art of kenjutsu - sword fighting. However, due to the fact they had at least two ninja masters is proof that they are indeed masters of ninjutsu. Which includes combat, espionage, assassination and stealth, though whenever they crossed paths with the Azuma Ninja Master Rikimaru's young students. The young students usually made short work of them due to their level of skill when applying flawless stealth in the field. Ogawara Ninja also trained kunoichi, just as the Azuma Ninja once did. 

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • It is unknown if Shigi was an official Ogawara Ninja, but it is possible.