Nasu 那須

Nasu (那須) was a high ranking statesman that was aware of Tokubei Echigoya's underground slave trade business. Nasu also knew Tokubei's father.

(Biography ) A greedy man who cares about no one elses needs but his own. Nasu uses his power to achieve the upmost desires. Needless to say he has a reckless behavior midset. He knowing of the trade of young girls was rejoiced when one was given to him as a "gift." He was easily bought over with dumplings and can be bribed. He's foolish as well and that brought his fate at the hands of Rikimaru.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • He is the boss in Rikimaru and Ayame's storys.
  • In Tesshu's story, he is not fought, instead, he is killed by Rikimaru before Tesshu could.
  • If close to being beaten he will mock defeat and even bribe for mercy.

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