Myojinsoga-Koryu Style (明神双牙流 Myōjinsōga-ryū) is an extremely rare style of kenjutsu. Specifically, it is a dual-blade style of combat in which the practitioner fights with two swords, in each hand. It is quite rare, as most of the samurai warriors within the series utilize a single sword. The only samurai known to have used the style was master Senjuro Akechi, who dueled the Azuma during the rise of the Manji cult.

Application in combatEdit

From the available evidence, it appears that Myojinsoga stylists employ rapier-like blades rather than the standard katana. Lack of explanation on the style's history leaves no knowledge of why this is, but it is highly reasonable, because the lighter weapons make for easier, faster maneuverability in application of jutsus than the heavier samurai swords.


Mysjinsoga style master Senjuro Akechi.

The opening stance for this style has the practitioner facing straight forward with both blades drawn; the sword held in the right hand is held vertical at approximately waist level, while the sword in the left hand is held diagonallly at head level. From this balanced stance the fighter can deflect an enemy's forward attack with one blade and then immediately deliver a counter attack with their second sword. The stylist will then usually follow through with a brutal and elegant spinning attack, swinging both swords. They will rotate their bodies with lightning speed and sweep their swords around them in a deadly downward diagonal cutting arc; if executed properly, this technique will end with them striking at their opponent with both blades at the same time, inflicting sizeable damage. The strike is devastating if timed properly, but it is also Myojinsoga's greatest flaw. It requires a great deal of kinetic energy to use the spinning attack, so much so that the swordsman leaves himself momentarily vulnerable at the conclusion of the technique due to the fact that the arms and head are left briefly exposed, allowing an enemy to launch a lethal countermove if properly timed and evaded. It is only a slight flaw, but a highly skilled opponent can easily exploit it, as Azuma Master Rikimaru did in his duel with Master Senjuro Akechi.