Gender Male
Occupation CEO
Affiliation evil
Weapon Ninjato
Robot arm
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

"Mr. D CEO" was a cyborg business executive from the future. He was the CEO of a corrupt pharmaceutical company that was killing the poor with a plague. He was killed by Rikimaru when he traveled through Mei-Oh's portal.


Not much is said about this bonus stage character but he is cruel and cold hearted C.E.O. He over looked a population with an iron fist and a closed heart. A truly snobby and prideful character who saw the poor as a burden to society and not important. 

In his eyes power and money was everything and those who did not have either must be exterminated.

(Hint= It seemed he was a killer and enjoyed it. It seemed it was known  someone will eventually come to him for Vengeance or Removal. Due to how he seemed ready with no emotional reaction and charges at Rikimaru. Also he has faced many people and has no remorse for killing  them)

(Short bio)

His company manufacturered an contagious sickness in which the cures costed a high price. If the infected can afford it they was cured but if not they met a horrible fate. Deaths of the poor was piling up by thousands and he simply refused to pull down the price no matter how many more died. Rikimaru must slay this heartless C.E.O. Even in a new time portal evil still had a root he always had a distaste for.


Mr. D CEO could shoot electrical energy blasts from his robot arm. He was also quite strong, and displayed skillful use of a ninjato.

Background Information and NotesEdit