Mifuyu Tadokoro
Gender Female
Occupation Samurai
Affiliation Tadokoro samurai dojo
Weapon Katana
Status Alive(Tesshu story), Deceased(Rikimaru story)
First Appearance Tenchu: Return from Darkness

Mifuyu Tadokoro (田所 三冬 Tadokoro Mifuyu) is the daughter of Kanbe Tadokoro, a landlord and former friend of lord Gohda.


Mifuyu Tadokoro is a young and beautiful skilled samurai, when she was just a child she did sit on Lord Gohda's shoulders in a meeting with Kanbe and Lord Gohda. Mifuyu was living and training peacefully with her father, Kanbe Tadokoro in their state until he along with his younger brother Yuge Tadokoro declared rebellion against lord Gohda. In Rikimaru's story Mifuyu did send a warning message, telling that her father and uncle are planning an attack to Gohda's castle. Rikimaru is then tasked to kill Kanbe and Yuge, after trying to do he fails to kill the two samurai, Mifuyu allready killed them. Rikimaru is confronted by Mifuyu herself, she expresses to Rikimaru that she could not allow her father to declare rebellion to lord Gohda. Then the two duel with Rikimaru being the victor, her last words to him is that she was happy when she was with lord Gohda. In Ayame's story, the kunoichi breaks into Tadokoro's residence to stop his rebellion. Tadokoro asks Ayame to execute him to atone for his sins, then Mifuyu arrives and tries to kill her. After their fight, Ayame convinces her to stop "waving [her swords] around". Mifuyu reminds Ayame to check a deserted temple for the Jewel of Heaven. In Tesshu story witch likely the canon version, He was tasked to kill Yuge much like Rikimaru but by his own organization, the Muzen. After infiltrating in Tadokoro's state Tesshu confronts and kills Yuge while Kanbe commits seppuku, their deaths alerted the guards including Mifuyu. Some time later Mifuyu enraged by her father's death declares a duel to Tesshu, he receive's a message telling:"To avenge my father's i call you to a duel" out in curiosity Tesshu answer the message by going to the deserted temple filled wih ronins, after reaching the final area of the temple Tesshu encounters Mifuyu she confronts Tesshu and tries to attack him. He easily dodges the attack and paralyzes her with his hand, she is surprised to see he spare her life. Tesshu then grabs Mifuyu and hide her in a safe place as three samurai mercenaries appears to kill both Tesshu and Mifuyu. Tesshu kills the enemies and after that Mifuyu regain control of her body, Tesshu tells her that a samurai life is too dangerous and that she should move on in her life.


Being an skilled samurai, she excells in dual wielding katana style. She is able to use fast and strong slashes with her technique and use nearly fatal attacks. 

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