The Merchants were three greedy businessmen that illegal smuggled weapons and drugs and sometimes sold slaves too. They were all killed by an Azuma ninja to end their evil line. They individually had no affiliation with anyone else and were all independent salesmen, unlike the Echigoya family. They all carried Matchlock guns, but were slow in shooting it. All of them kept their evil in secret and appeared to be honest and reliable salesmen.


Moichi Tanbaya (丹波屋 茂一 Tanbaya Moichi)Edit

This greedy mine owner was assassinated because he was taking resources from the Gohda mine, the Todoroki Cavern (等々力風穴) and lining his own pockets, resulting in the mine's profit decreasing. He originally was meant to wear a greenish grey kimono with a purple-grey outer jacket, but instead wore a full black kimono with a black-brown outer jacket. His body shape also got wider. He had a fat face with a greedy look, and had a bald head with hair around his neck, reaching to his ears, similar to the appearance of the Echigoya.

Morizo Daikokuya (大黒屋 杜蔵 Daikokuya Morizō)Edit

This merchant was assassinated in his home for trafficking drugs, goods and worst of all, innocent civilians and also cheated his customers. He originally was meant to wear a full grey kimono with a blue outer jacket, but instead he wore the same clothes as Moichi Tanbaya. His body shape was already wide though.

Fuchisuke Tarumaya (樽磨屋 淵助 Tarumaya Fuchisuke)Edit

This merchant was assassinated in his household for trading illegal weapons and unconfirmed villagers to gangsters so he could fill up his stomach. He originally was meant to wear a full brass colored kimono with a dark grey outer jacket, but instead he also has the same features as Moichi Tanbaya.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • All three merchants in Tenchu Z have the excat same appearance now. The reason is unknown.
  • Sometimes Morizo Daikokuya's level, "Punish the Evil Merchant" will appear as "Kill the Evil Merchant", but once you've advanced to the next part of the story line, and if you don't replay his mission until you reach around mission 40, the glitch doesn't appear ever again.
  • Out of all the merchants, Morizo Daikokuya is probably the most evil, with the definite responsibility of kidnapping of Gohda women to sell as slaves for profit.
  • When the merchants aim at you with their guns, they tremble. This shows that they are weak in reality.

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