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Lord Gohda
Gender Male
Occupation Daimyō
Affiliation House of Gohda (郷田家 Gōda-ke)
Weapon Katana
Status Alive
First Appearance Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Matsunoshin Gohda (郷田 松之信 Gōda Matsunoshin?) is the current daimyo of the House of Gohda. Matsunoshin's family has relied upon the Azuma Ninja for years during peactime and wartimes, and he trusts them with his life. A young compassionate, yet wise ruler of the Gohda Domain (郷田藩 Gōda-han).


Matsunoshin began leading sometime after his fathers death, during the warring states period. As daimyo Gohda-sama has led his country through war and peace even though Gohda is a small country. Though economically it has been greatly aided by the fact it contains a gold mine. Lord Gohda rules with the philosophy of happy subjects equals an atmosphere of peace and prosperity. Once stating to his uncle Motohide, "You're wrong uncle, the people are the soul of this land". In his life Gohda-sama has once married and had one daughter. Both his wife Lady Kei Gohda and daughter princess Kiku have both passed on in the warring states period. Even after such loss he has still cherished his people and their safety. Aiding in this difficult and endless endeavor are the Azuma Ninja. Who have throughout the generations protected the country of Gohda from the shadows. Lord Gohda is passionate but when his country or the stability of his people is challenged or threatned he is a fearsome samurai prepared for war.


Matsunoshin fighting his corrupt uncle, Motohide.

After the fall of Tenrai, Azuma Master Rikimaru reported that neighboring country Tado sought to start a war. When this was confirmed Lord Gohda without hesitation declared war on his neighboring enemy. When the country of Ogawara was seeking to declare war on an unaware Kodachi, Lord Gohda authorized the deployment of an Azuma Ninja to warn the small country.


Lord Gohda is also skilled in the art of Bushido, able to wield the katana with grace and balance. During the war with the Burning Dawn, Lord Gohda helped defend the Azuma Ninja village. Killing enemy ninja during the battle. Usually samurai look down on the unorthodox methods of war employed by shinobi, shown by Lord Toda, Jubei Tachibana, and Motohide Gohda. Lord Gohda shows a great deal of respect to the Azuma Ninja of his country holding them in high regard to carry out unconventional operations that greatly affect the tides of war that his country frequently are forced to face.


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