Agent Matsukichi
Gender Male
Occupation House of Gohda Agent
Affiliation House of Gohda
Weapon Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Agent Matsukichi (密偵松吉 Mittei Matsukichi, lit. "Spy Matsukichi") is a House of Gohda agent, who helped deliver secret letters and plans from the country of Ogawara. He delivered a secret letter to an Azuma Ninja, but shortly afterwards he was captured and sent to a mine facility, were he was having answers wrestled out of him. However, the same ninja that he sended the letter to rescued him and he escaped into the shadows of the night.


Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

Agent Matsukichi managed to break into enemy territory and camp out at Chono Pass and waited for the Azuma Ninja. Soon one of their units arrived and he began telling him about the enemy's plans and gave him a letter about it. The Azuma Ninja thanked him and he jumped away. Unfortunately he was captured and sent to Mount Tenryu, where the kidnappers tried to force him to reveal Gohda's secrets, but he stood defiant. Then, the Azuma Ninja that he sended the information to came and rescued him and he bolted away back to Gohda.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

Not much is known about his abilities, but one to sneak far into enemy territory must have masterful concealment skills. He appears to be a young man with tanned skin and a slim body. He wore a straw hat with a red point, which concealed most of his face. He wore a full body red outfit with dark red stripes over it and the shoulder parts a beige color. He carried a green bag which he slung over his shoulder and had what appeared to be a purse attatched to his waistband.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • There was another Gohda agent, a female in Sekiya Village near the Gohda border, that he may have had connections with, as they both were disguised as villagers and were both visited by the same Azuma Ninja and gave information.

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