The following are locations in the territory ruled by Gohda Matsunoshin.


Gohda CastleEdit

The castle from which the Gohda family ruled the domain was of traditional Japanese design, featuring a central keep with a high tower, blue roofing tiles over white walls, narrow interior corridors, and wide courtyard spaces.

Shortly after Lord Gohda ascended to rulership of his family, his uncle, Gohda Motohide, rebelled and attacked the castle with samurai loyal to him, aided by Toda Yoshisada's Nyogetsu Ninja. The attack was repelled by a combination of Gohda's forces and the intervention of the Azuma Ninja. Among the dead in the attack were Seiryu, the Blue Dragon and Gohda Kei, Lord Gohda's wife.

Following the attack, the damaged castle was rebuilt by loyal peasants. After the Burning Dawn was crushed, the Azuma Ninja made their new home at Gohda Castle.


Directly adjacent to Gohda Castle was a large harbor, home to many fishing and war ships. It was from here that the Fire Demon launched its attack on the castle, beginning the Battle of Gohda Harbor.

Other castlesEdit

At least one additional castle is known to have existed in Gohda's domain. Seven years after the defeat of the Burning Dawn, this castle was attacked and occupied by demon ninja under Onikage. The castle was designed as an impregnable fortress, which necessitated the intervention of the Azuma Ninja, as a frontal assault would have been suicidal.


Along the borders of Gohda, neighboring countries (who were frequently his enemies), a series of checkpoints were established on both sides. Throughout the series these military checkpoints have frequently been crossed by an Azuma Ninja. In Tenchu Z checkpoints were crossed by Rikimarus students. In Tenchu Stealth Assassins another checkpoint was crossed in order to return with information regarding the country of Gohda.

Azuma Ninja VillageEdit

For generations, the Azuma Village was the home of the Azuma Ninja clan, who trained and taught their students there. The village featured a waterfall, small river running into a manmade pool, as well as huts, watch towers, and training areas for the ninja. A small bamboo clearing was adjacent to the village. The village had several layers, with the home of the Azuma Master at the very peak. The Azuma trained in underwater smimming techniques, learing such techniques as how to hide underwater using the blowgun to breathe. Within the bamboo clearing weapons combat was conducted on bamboo trees serving as enemy targets. Here footwork as well as body and weapon coordination was practiced and mastered. To the other end of the village. Ranged weapons such as shuriken were utilized against established targets. Honing the necessary skills required to be efficient at mid-long range. The ninja that resided here maintained a low profile disguising themself in typical civilian clothing of that day and age when not engaged in combat.
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By the time of Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins, the vast majority of the Azuma residing in the village were elderly, with the exceptions of Rikimaru, Ayame, and Tatsumaru. This lack of able-bodied defenders contributed to the rapid fall of the Azuma Village when it was attacked by the Burning Dawn. The old generation of Azuma defended their village with much honor. But the skill of the former master of their village proved to much. Fully dressed in the standard Azuma battle dress, and in possession of weapons for combat. Most of the ninja were killed by Tatsumaru, who was an Azuma Master himself beforehand, including Azuma Shiunsai. Tatsumaru stalked numerous Azuma elders and used his Azuma-jutaijutsu skills to perform numerous stealth kills. As the village burned around him numerous Azuma were destined to die. Though he defeated master shiunsai, it was not a victory easily won. The old man truly proved to be on of the most difficult opponents to have been faced in battle.

After the Burning Dawn was defeated, Rikimaru, now himself the Azuma Master, moved his clan to Gohda Castle, and the Azuma Ninja Village was abandoned.

Temple of DreamsEdit

The Temple of Dreams was a Buddhist temple in Gohda's territory. It was presumably located at a relatively high altitude, as it was experiencing snowfall at the same time the rest of Gohda's domain was in the midst of summer. The temple was built atop a lack, with bridges connecting adjacent buildings. It featured a Noh stage at the innermost sanctum.

The Temple of Dreams was attacked by the Burning Dawn, but the attackers were wiped out by Rikimaru. He confronted and killed their leader, Yukihotaru, at the Noh stage, but failed to dispatch his enemy, Suzaku.

Quarantine VillageEdit

Some time before the events of Birth of the Stealth Assassins, a sickness broke out in Gohda's domain. Unable to let the afflicted villagers live among the rest of the population for fear of an epidemic, but unwilling to simply slaughter them in cold blood, Gohda secretly built a village in which he quarantined the disease victims, so they could live out what life remained to them. He installed his own soldiers as guards around the village.

Though the village's existence was a secret, it was uncovered by Kagami. Furious that Gohda had attacked her Secret Harbor, she retaliated by sending the Burning Dawn to expose the village. After the watching samurai were dispatched by Tatsumaru, Burning Dawn ninja killed many disease victims before Ayame arrived to defend them and end the slaughter.

Aside from its importance in the Burning Dawn Crisis's evolution, the Quarantine Village was significant in that it was the first location where Kagami displayed some regret over the bloodthirsty path on which she had led her followers.


Gohda's domain was particularly mountainous, and these ranges included several locations which required the presence of the Azuma Ninja.

Mountain HideoutEdit

Somewhere in the mountains of Gohda's domain, thieves and bandits made a camp. From here, they preyed upon nearby villagers until Rikimaru visited by day, killing the thieves and their leader, Garan. Ayame returned that night and wiped out the bandits and their leader, Boron.

Demon MountainEdit

The actual name of this series of peaks is the Usama Mountains; it came to be called "Demon Mountain" after Burning Dawn ninja, dressed as demons, kidnapped villagers and took them there. The base on Demon Mountain was cleared by Rikimaru and the peasants there set free.

Flower MountainEdit

On one of the highest peaks in Gohda's domain, a very rare flower grew. This flower had very strong medicinal properties, and the Azuma Ninja were dispatched to recover it when Princess Kiku fell mysteriously ill.