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This article is about the Tenchu Z character. For the Tenchu 4 character of the same name, see Kurokawa Shinzo.
Kurokawa Shinzo
Shinzo Kurokawa
Gender Male
Occupation Ogawaran General
Affiliation House Of Ogawara
Weapon Katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Kurokawa Shinzo (黒川 信造 Kurokawa Shinzō) was the active General over the country of Ogawara's military forces. He was later targeted by the Azuma and murdered.


The Goda-Ogawara WarEdit

Not much is known at all about this mysterious master samurai. But from what was briefly seen offers sufficient information. The master samurai was first and only encountered on the battlefield after what appeared to be a skirmish due to the fresh blood and corpes. Before the decisive battle between Ogawara and Gohda took place at the Sotaro Pass. Kurokawa-san announced that he wished for the country of Gohda to show what it was made of. Gohda responded in the deployment of a lone Azuma Ninja onto the blood stained battlefield to assassinate the Ogawara General. Kurokawa-san patiently waited and could be seen pacing in the center of the war camp. He did not have to wait too long, and was soon dead on the ground, joining his foes. His death resulted in the fall of the Ogawaran military.


In battle, master Kurokawa used relatively long katana and attacks using powerful yet swift diagonal swings of his sword. His skill outlasts almost everyone else in the game, except Shigi and maybe his commander, Nagayori Ogawara.


He was depicted as being the typical fully armored samurai. Wearing a battle helmet bearing what appeared as Buck antlers and a half crescent moon design. His body armor was blackish/brown in color. He also dawned arm gaunlets for protection in battle and a type of red open-sleeveless cloak over his armor. It would also appear that he wore a reddish mask of some kind in battle, and seems to be quite old for a military general.

Background Information and NotesEdit

Player choicesEdit

  • It is the protagonist's choice whether Kurokawa-san dies by Hissatsu or in heated battle.


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