Dr. Kimaira
Kimaira med
Gender Male
Occupation Engineer
Affiliation Lords of Darkness
Weapon Mahime
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Dr. Kimaira (機舞羅 Kimaira) was one of Tenrai's Lords of Darkness.


An owner of a mechanic castle with eerie life like guards he made to patroll his halls, built with an instinct to kill and to move like an average human. The doctor is a twisted sorts, he enjoys toying with his victims and luring them to their demise. He is a sadistic, childlike prankster who will stop at nothing to stop his foe even when faced with death. As one of Tenrai's disciples to stop Rikimaru and Ayame using his army of automated wooden robots and booby trap hacks. He also has a mechanical doll strapped on his back, in which he calls "Mahime", which was personally built as add on for combat along with firearms. Due to the doctors frail physique he is unable to face the deadly duo. The doctor's strength besides his intellect was his graceful leg movements. Nevertheless the fight, Rikimaru killed them both.


Dr. Kimaira is a genius engineer and puppet creator. He uses his creation - Mahime as his weapon in the boss battles with him.

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