Kanbe Yoshida
Kanbe Yoshida
Gender Male
Occupation Goda/Ogawara Vassal
Affiliation House of Goda (former), House of Ogawara
Weapon Small katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Kanbe Yoshida (芳田 寛兵衛 Yoshida Kanbe?) was a vassal of Goda, but he defected to the country of Ogawara, where he became vassal there instead. He was then condemned as a traitor and assassinated in his castle, his death resulting a nobility gap in both Goda and Ogawara. 


Ogawara-Goda WarEdit

Yoshida-san was a trustworthy vassal to Goda, until he fled to Ogawara and declared himself vassal. He then started plotting a rebellion. Matsunoshin Gohda discussed the matter with the Azuma ninja, and they decided to kill Yoshida for his trickery. It would be a staggering blow to Goda lose a vassal, but Gohda could not abide traitors, and so sent out a lone Azuma ninja to Yoshida Castle, where the now Ogawaran vassal resided. The ninja approached the top floor of the castle, leaving many dead in his wake, and assassinated Yoshida, ridding Ogawara, and Goda, of a vassal.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

Kanbe Yoshida had no abilities worthy of note. He appears to be a middle aged man with a fat face and a chubby look, and hat the front of his head bald. He wore a inner beige colored kimono with a white waistband and a black furry pendant on his chest. His bottom half of his kimono was dark green with interlocking diamonds etched over it, and he wore a pale orange trench coat over the top of his kimono that had faint cross patterns all over it.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Yoshida's personality, but he is shown to be a cunning fox, as he betrayed Goda for his own comfort. He is a useless noble who would throw anything away to earn relaxation, as he knew at that time Ogawara had a better chance of winning the war, so to prevent his own suffering, without the compassion for anyone else, ran away from the very country where his heritage was.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • He could have had connections to a Goda official named Todo, who was unlike Yoshida loyal to Goda untill his death. Their facial features both look strikingly similar, and it is believed that they could be relatives.

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