Gender Female
Occupation Sorceress
Affiliation Lords of Darkness
Weapon Ofuda
Status Unknown
First Appearance Tenchu 3

Kagura (神楽) was a powerful sorceress who served as one of Tenrai's Lords of Darkness.

Character AppearanceEdit

She wears a hemp kimono tied with a black obi, black socks and sandals, with large bells tied into her flowing black hair.


  • Enjoys killing for fun.
  • A sorceress truly to be feared knows her powers and uses them with deadly ambition. 
  • Stands by Tenrai's side with Unwavering loyalty.
  • Sees ninjas as beneath her.
  • She mocks the Ninja life style.
  • Enjoys mocking her foes.
  • Has extreme confidence in herself.


Through the use of various Ofuda charms, Kagura was able to cast offensive spells, teleport, endow allies such as Ganda with superhuman abilities and summon Shikigami spirits.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Kagura (神楽) is also the name of an ancient Shinto music and dancing.
  • She is a playable character in Multiplayer Mode.
  • When playing as Rikimaru, you encounter her together with Ganda (who's enhanced with self healing by her scriptures) and when playing as Ayame, you encounter her together with a kitsune (spirit fox), most likely summoned. She also summons paper ghosts to disrupt Rikimaru and Ayame on their mission.
  • Kagura will mostly teleport during her boss fight whenever you try to attack here, when she says "Take this!" the charms will turn red and launch at you. If the charms are blue and you got hit you will be stunned. Be careful if she laughs, don't try to attack her or she will disappear, green charms will then appear and hit you and will cause 20 damage. This move is never used in a boss fight, just in Multiplayer. 
  • Her death is not shown in Rikimaru's story, but it is shown in Ayame's story, (not canon) so her death is unknown.