Jukichi Otowa
Gender Male
Occupation Thief Leader
Affiliation Himself
Weapon Buster Sword
Status Unknown
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Jukichi Otowa (音羽の十吉 Otowa no Jūkichi), earlier known as Tokichi Otoba (音羽の十吉 Otoba no Tokichi), was a bandit leader who pillaged the Ushimata Temple in the House of Gohda and claimed it as his own, raiding anyone who came to visit the temple. His plans failed however, and he was hunted down by a lone Azuma Ninja.


Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

Jukichi Otowa was charged by Heisuke Echigoya to raid the temple of it's contents. His proposed reward was all the shishi he wanted. He, with his bandits, looted the temple and claimed it as his own and robbed any visitors to the temple. The Azuma Ninja heard about this and deployed one of them to end this plot. Jukichi Otowa was then sighted and pinned down. As he was struggling, barking "You dogs! What are you doing here?", the ninja's partner came up to him and said "That's our question for you", approaching him with sword in hand. Thinking that his death blow was about to come, he shouted "Wait!" and told them everything, "Echigoya said that we could do whatever we want in this place", he said, still struggling. "He told us that he would give us all the shishi we wanted! That scoundrel! He set us up!", leaving the ninja to ponder who this Echigoya was, as Rokube Echigoya was already dead. It is unknown what happened to him after that. He either may be dead or he may have been delivered to justice.

Abilities and Appearance Edit

Jukichi Otowa had no abilities worthy of note and he is slow in using his buster sword. However, it could do a lot of damage and it's size threatened most people. Jukichi Otawa appeared to be a huge burly man with strong bulging muscles and a large body size. He wore almost nothing and had only a thin red samurai chest piece that covered from his shoulders to his thighs to protect himself. The armor had a yellow symbol in the center and had a yellow ribbon tied around it to keep it secure. Otawa's face was fat and had a angry look on his face. He had hair around the back of his scalp that lead in two lines to the middle of his head, where the meeting hair was tied up in a ponytail. He had a fat mustache and he had a reasonably big nose. He carried a giant buster sword, but it seemed to be only for appearance, as he is slow in using it.


He could sometimes have a wise side. However, as buff as he looks, in reality he is a wimpy and short tempered fool, giving in to anyone who would give him a reward. He would also do anything to earn a living, even if someone else corrupted him and sent him of to do an ill-fated deed. Overall, he is a stupid, cowardly bully.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • He may have had connections to another bandit leader, Sutemaru The Echo, as they both appear quite similar to each other.

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