Izaemon Kimura
Gender Male
Occupation Ogawaran Official
Affiliation Nagayori Ogawara
Weapon Katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Izaemon Kimura (木村 伊左衛門 Kimura Isaemon) was an Ogawaran magistrate who was also an associate to the greedy merchant Rokube Echigoya. He was providing some small assistance to his dealings and was assassinated while waiting for Rokube Echigoya (who was already killed by an Azuma Ninja ) in the restaurant Shion, near the Echigoya residence.


Ogawara-Gohda War

He was meant to have a meeting with Rokube Echigoya to discuss about their business and he waited patiently in a restaurant for him. One of the Azuma Ninja found and assassinated Rokube Echigoya in his household, leaving Izaemon Kimura wondering where his man was. He didn't have to wait long for someone to arrive: The same Azuma Ninja who had killed Rokube Echigoya spotted him in his house and assassinated him. As he was dying, he gave a small remark; "Killing me will achieve nothing! House of Gohda is a small country... And soon, the country of Ogawara... will destroy it", remaining defiant until the end.

Personality Edit

Izaemon Kimura seems to be more aware to his allies than most other nobles, shown when he was thinking why Rokube Echigoya wasn't coming, although they were both planning to talk about their corrupt trades, so he probably was worried because their dealings wouldn't go anywhere with Rokube Echigoya's absence. However, though he does seem to show some loyalty to those who he serves, he also seems to loathe those who defeat him, as shown when he was dying at the hands of the ninja, cursing and laughing evilly. He is also too full of pride and has a high opinion of himself, due to his role as a magistrate and he has come to believe that the awe which his office commands demonstrates his own power. He also seems to have lots of respect, as he acknowledged the Azuma Ninja existence, until they turned on him.

Abilities and Appearance Edit

He had no abilities worthy of note, apart from some amateur swordsmanship skills, which aren't much different from a regular soldier's. He appears to be a bald man with a hair around the back of his neck that leads to his ears. He has a stern face and a big body. He wears a brown kimono with a blue outer robe that has giant, short sleeves with flower patterns on the top half and leafy patterns on the lower half, an outfit later worn by elite castle samurai later in the game where he's from: Tenchu ZThe only thing that distinguishes him from them is that his outer robe has a tiny aqua blue tint to it, making it slightly darker. Also the castle samurai have inner blue kimonos, not brown ones. His sword and sheath are tucked firmly to his waist.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently there are lots of restaurants named Shion - far into Ogawaran territory. Piet Nekilt, a Dutch weapons designer, was assassinated there when he visited the place. Also, all the Ogawaran Female Agents were killed in restaurants called Shion. It is unknown if this is coincidental, was a mistake or put there on purpose.
  • His attire is very similar to those of some castle samurai, it could be that he was a template for them, or the other way round, since they are cloned in such similar ways.
  • He is often seen as a useless noble by some people, as with most mission targets in Tenchu Z, his skills with the blade are sometimes worse than the normal guards (though the damage taken from a hit is pretty strong), his senses aren't enhanced to make him feel different from others and is just a vulnerable target with no guards protecting him. In other words, he says he is quite high in his position (second last sentence in personality) and yet can't fight.

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