Hyakubei Tachibana
Gender male
Occupation samurai
Affiliation House of Gohda
Weapon katana
Status alive
First Appearance Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

Hyakubei Tachibana (橘 百兵衛 Tachibana Hyakubei?) is a recently hired soldier in Matsunoshin Gohda's army. Hyakubei fought in the battle against Mononari Tado.


Early lifeEdit

Hyakubei was born the son a samurai also in Gohda's service, Jubei Tachibana, who was the commander of Gohda's forces at the time his death. Hyakubei's father died in the Battle of Gohda Harbor against the Burning Dawn. Apparently Hyakubei left Gohda province after this point, and did not return until adulthood.

Gohda-Tado warEdit

Now a samurai himself, Hyakubei returned to Gohda to join the soldiers. He fought in battle against Tado's kingdom soon after. Tado's troops surrendered after their General was assassinated by Rikimaru. Hyakubei and several rifleman entered compound and assisted Rikimaru in his fight with the Shida ninja, Rinshi. Hyakubei quickly overpowered her, and she fled. Hyakubei helped the nearly unconscious Rikimaru back to their camp.

Later he fought Ayame, who was fleeing from Gohda castle with what they both believed to be Princess Kiku. After defeating Hyakubei, Ayame later learned she was traveling with Rinshi in disguise.

Hyakubei was significantly wounded in his fight with Ayame. His current status is unknown.


Unlike his father, Hyakubei does not practice Myojinsoga swordsmanship. The loss of his right eye does appear to affect his combat abilities.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Hyakubei wears an eyepatch over his right eye, the same as his father.



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