Hidenori Todo
Gender Male
Occupation Gohda Official
Affiliation House of Gohda
Weapon Katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Hidenori Todo (藤堂 秀憲 Tōdō Hidenori?) was a House of Gohda Official who was meant to have a meeting with Agent Osae, one of the Ogawaran Female Agents, but the Azuma Ninja feared the worst and sent one of their units to assassinate Agent Osae, succeeding and warning Hidenori Todo about Ogawara. However, Hidenori Todo was later assassinated by the Ogawaran ninja master - Denki.


Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

Hidenori Todo visited the restaurant Shion, where he was supposed to meet up with an Ogawaran female agent, Agent Osae. The Azuma Ninja, worried that she would convince him to betray them, sent a unit to assassinate her, which succeeded. Hidenori Todo, having seen the warning, hid himself, but that didn't protect himself against Denki, who assassinated him and fled the country.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

It is unknown what his abilities were, as he wasn't shown fighting anyone. He dressed in a violet inner kimono that had dark purple flower patterns over them and had an outer jacket over the top with the same appearance. The inner kimono had a white collar, and he had some sort of grey dog tag like pendant, like all the merchants wore. He had a pale red hokomo with dark red patches over it and had gold-brown colored waistband that he kept a knife in. He had a at face with chubby-like features and the front part of his head was bald.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • He may have had connections with a Gohda vassal, Kanbe Yoshida, who fled to Ogawara and became a vassal there instead. They both have the same face, so they may have been relatives.

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