Heisuke Echigoya
Heisuke Echigoya
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman (corrupt)
Affiliation Echigoya trade empire
Weapon Unknown
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Heisuke Echigoya (越後屋 平助 Echigoya Heisuke?) was the uncle of Rokube Echigoya. He was planning to smuggle drugs to Dutch foreigners in the harbor town of Nakao, but was killed by a mysterious ninja, Shigi.

Biography Edit

Ogawara-Goda WarEdit

Heisuke was a shadow in the beginning, but his existence was revealed through Jukichi Otowa , whom he bribed and back stabbed. After hearing about his nephew Rokube's death, Heisuke got infuriated, calling Rokube stupid and cursing the ninjas (or 'The Shadows Of Goda'). He was tracked down wandering around Nokatsuji, a merchant village, and was secretly trailed by two Azuma ninja. However, he only trailed the village to lure off any possible pursuers, and turned toward Nakao, a seaside town. The ninja, realizing their mistake, caught up with Heisuke as he arrived at a ship full of Dutch foreigners. Heisuke, thinking he would be safe on the ship, let down his guard, and the Azuma seized the opportunity to find him and track him down. But just as the Azuma were almost up to him, a mysterious ninja suddenly appeared, slaughtering everyone in the ship. Heisuke was frightened and started running away, when the ninja turned on him and jumped on him, stabbing his sword through Heisuke's collarbone. With three twists of the sword, he punctured through Heisuke's neck and jumped of as Heisuke fell to the deck, dead, much to the surprise of the Azuma.

Abilities and Appearance Edit

Heisuke had no abilities worthy of note. His weapons were unknown, if he even had any. He appears to be a man around 40-50, and he is bald, with grey hair surrounding his head with an opening at the forehead. He has a tuft of hair right in the middle of his forehead, and he has a round head with a short, fat face that has a greedy expression. He wears a snow white kimono with a green robe over the top, and has a gold waistband adorned with patterns. He also has a silver amulet in the middle of his torso, with two dog tag shaped loops coming out from it, similar to Rokube's. He wears white socks with golden sandals, and overall he has a round body shape. He also has a pipe that he sticks in his mouth at all times, though it's not as long as Rokube's.

Personality Edit

Like Rokube, Heisuke is very cunning and greedy, and doesn't care who he sells to, as long as he makes profit. He never shows a good side- even to his relatives, shown as he cursed Rokube while strolling around Nokatsuji. His voice -like Rokube's- makes him sound dumb, but he is maybe a bit smarter than his nephew, as seen when it revealed that he trailed around a village just to fool any anonymous pursuers. But he is seen to be more arrogant than Rokube- he let his guard down on a foreign ship where anyone could've back stabbed him. However, he is quick witted, well connected and has heaps of ties with officials in Goda and many other lands.

Background Information and NotesEdit

  • Heisuke is one of many characters in the Echigoya family targeted by the Azuma in the Tenchu series.
  • He is considered to be the second most useless merchant of the Echigoya family, losing only to Rokube. However he is also important in the story for Tenchu Z- the previous main missions such as mission 8, 9 and 2 made references to himself- clues that he played an important role in the Kodama leaf and shishi smuggling operation.
  • He and Rokube are very much alike: however Rokube seems to be more spoiled, where as Heisuke still retains a noble look. Also Heisuke is much better at trading than Rokube.

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