Gender Male
Occupation Ogawaran Ninja
Affiliation Ogawara Ninja
Weapon Katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Gunzo (軍蔵 Gunzō?), was an Ogawaran Ninja who infiltrated Lord Gohda and hid in the Enyu Temple. However, despite his sabotage, he was assassinated by a lone Azuma Ninja.


Ogawara-Gohda WarEdit

Gunzo sneaked into the main towns of Gohda and terrorized the people living there, probably killing many people and crippling supplies. He then fled and went into hiding, claiming the Enyu Temple as his property. The Azuma Ninja could not tolerate this any longer and sent one of their units to kill him in his hiding place. The operation succeeded and Gunzo was no more.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

Gunzo's ninja skills were truly those of a person of a high level, exceeding the skill of most Ogawara Ninja, although he was surprisingly weak compared the the female Jokunoichi and was relatively slow, not what a ninja should be. However, this may be explained through his appearance, his age looking to be around 30-40. He wore a dark grey helm that had a small white emblem at the front and wore black boots. He wore a full body light grey ninja outfit with faded patterns all around and wore a outer dark grey jacket. He carried his sword on a brown strap.

Background Information and Notes Edit

  • There was another Ogawara Ninja in existence - Denki. They were both Ogawaran and may have had connections with each other.
  • In the cutscenes of the game itself, Gunzo had Denki's outfit, with reasons unknown. However, in gameplay he wore his true outfit.

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