Guards are standard enemies patrolling the area of a mission. Hired by a boss or on the same side with him, these enemies will engage the player on sight and will try to chase him/her. They can be stealth killed if they're unaware of player. Some missions require killing all guards to complete.

Generaly, guards aren't as strong as the player characters. However, they can be trouble in group. Also, elite guards appear in later missions are well trained, sometime equally skilled with player's characters.

Guards in Tenchu come in various types:

  • Samurai: Samurai or ronin who often appear in the early missions of many Tenchu games.
  • Servant: A servant with a sword. Weak and slow, and only knows one or two attacks.
  • Swordsman: A standard, weak guard. Has only a few attack moves, and are slow. However, in later missions, some swordsman, such as Tsujigiri, are very smart, and it can take a while to kill them.
  • Spearman: Has more range and speed than a swordsman, but still weak. However, like the swordsman, they too have elite variations, like Komuso.
  • Bowman: Archers who attack with arrows in a pattern, but still can be weak and are useless up close.
  • Rifleman: Also a far ranged guard, they are more quicker than Bowman, but up close they are also weak. Some carry pistols instead that are useful even in close range.
  • TomikichiExcatly the same as normal swordsman, but are a bit dumber, and always release an item when they die, sometimes a hostile item.
  • Ashigaru: Peasant soldiers that are fully armored for battle, and can equip any weapon; some can equip more than one weapon. However, their vitality isn't very high.
  • Brawlers: Samurai who fight with their fists instead of weapons. They don't have alot of power or speed, but they have very high vitality. Kenpo bonze are an example.
  • Ninja: Strong and fast. Ninja are skilled in both combat and patroling. Their weapons are claws or a sword.
  • Kunoichi: Female counterpart of ninja. Though not as strong as male guards, their higher speed makes up for that. Their weapons are dual tanto or claws.
  • Assassin: More aggressive than ninja but less agile. These guards have various types and combat styles. The Kuroya Jonin are an example.
  • Yakuza: Thugs who carry small knives but can also equip spears. They are more quicker and agile than swordsman, and their vitality is decently high.

  • Special Guards: Guards that aren't normal enemies, and are unique to the game that they starred in.

Also, in Tenchu Z there are guards that appear only in temples that wear white inmate masks, have white skin, dress in a karate outfit and will make psychotic laughs and tones once in a while. Their fighting stance is a drunken like pose and they will attack with their fists and legs while shouting "Whata!" Nothing else is known about them.