Fugaku (富嶽) is a fictional sword appearing in the Tenchu universe. It is a special item featured in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven.


Fugaku is a weapon only for Rikimaru. It is found in the Buddhist Temple mission. To get it, you will need to cross the large pit, just after the small wooden barrier. It takes a large amount of skill to get to the other side, therefore making this a tricky weapon to keep.


Fugaku appears to be a facsimile of Izayoi, the ancestral sword of the Azuma clan, only scaled slightly larger. The blade of the weapon is wider and thicker, as is the hilt, and due to these dimensions it is more difficult to use than the traditional ninjato. The sword's heavier weight makes it impractical for the lightning-quick feints and slashes utilized by most ninja in combat. It is best used against slower, but nonetheless strong, opponents. Fugaku is capable of powerful strikes that will eviscerate enemies on contact. Rikimaru has fully mastered the weapon and is able to employ it with great effect. With this sword, Rikimaru can do three successive slash like when he uses Izayoi. But because the weight, Rikimaru can't combine combo and stealth kill with this sword.

Unlike Izayoi, Fugaku appears to have no magical abilities.