The 6th mission of Ayame's playthrough where the player has to kill Kimaira at start of the level and escape afterwards. A castle full of traps and wooden robots. There is also a timer for this level so you cannot stay forever.

Introduction: Edit

"Caught by Kimaira, you wake up in a cage.

As you prepare for your escape, the guard

in front of you shrieks in pain.

Tesshu had followed Kimaira there.

After seeing you can escape by yourself,

Tesshu tells you that Zennosuke mentioned

a secret jewel being hidden in the eye of the statue in Buddha Temple.

Then Tesshu disappears."

Boss Fight: Edit

You will battle Kimaira, he starts with 140 health points.

After killing Kimaira, a picture will be shown him killed by Ayame: He then sets off a timer that will release toxic gases into the castle.

Kimaira's Death

Traps: Edit

I will mention all and every trap you can see in this level. It will be in order for Ayame's level.

Watch Your Step (Trap 1) Edit

● As soon as you kill the first Archer (based on layout 1) you will see a hole with 2 killing hammers, at the corner, there are 2 hidden pitfalls, if player steps on them, the trap will keep flashing in white, there is also enough time to jump a way from it.

Bandicam 2015-12-22 13-49-19-196

The area in red is made of two pitfalls that only get activated if player steps on them. This how the area looks without stepping on traps.

Bandicam 2015-12-22 13-49-51-920

It looks like this, after you step on them. They can be some of a use, like if the first Archer saw you, you can just throw him there by some of your attacks or maybe wait until he does something dumb like always. There are other traps with floors leading to pitfalls, but I will mention them later.

Hall of Gears Edit

● A big hole full of gears. Most people walk right into it, this trap leads to death.

This is the view of it. Just jump to the other and you will be fine

Bandicam 2015-12-22 14-38-41-863
Bandicam 2015-12-22 14-46-49-610

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