The Echigoya family are a group of corrupt traders and merchants and are hunted by the Azuma Ninja. All of their known males have been exterminated by the Azuma Ninja, but it is unknown whether any female Echigoya are still active. Their various crimes include illegal smuggling of drugs and weapons, loan sharking, female traffiking and just being plain greedy people. They are also very cheeky and seem to have had a good life, shown by their rich clothes, their fat bodies and round heads and their wealthy look on their faces.

Known Echigoya family members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Echigoya's extended family only appeared in sequels developed by K2.
  • Echigoya had a bodyguard named Hanbe Sasaki. Tokubei Echigoya also had a bodyguard, by the name of Tajima. It seems that the Echigoya can't take care of themselves and are weak. 
  • The Echigoya family are very cunning in their trades, as stated by Rokube Echigoya in the opening cutscene of the firrst mission in Tenchu Z, where he remarked "Blunt swords for gold!"
  • The Echigoya also seem to not care for one another, as shown by Heisuke Echigoya during the opening cutscene of the sixteenth level in Tenchu Z, where he muttered "That cursed Rokube. I knew he was stupid, but not THAT stupid.", indicating that he treats his own nephew's death as nothing more but a mere disturbance.
  • All the Echigoya listed above, with the exception of Tokubei, have the same look: fat body, bald head with a ring of hair on the outer area, fine robes and that "glutton" look.

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