Dokuto ( 毒刀 Dokutō lit. "Poisoned Sword"; named 朧 Oboro in the Japanese version) is a fictional Kodachi appearing in the Tenchu universe. It is a special item exclusive to Ayame featured in Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven and Tenchu: Fatal Shadows.


Dokuto is a weapon only for Ayame. It is found in the Buddhist Temple mission on Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven and in For Whom The Bell Tolls mission on Tenchu: Fatal Shadows. To get it, you will need some skill like jumping or grappling.


Dokuto appears to be like Ayame's usual kodachi in size, length, and weight. The difference is Dokuto has the poison laced to its blade to inflict a lot more damage. When the enemy is attacked by this, the poison comes with the slash so the enemy will be wounded and moreover poisoned. Dokuto unfortunately has a side effect. When Ayame equips Dokuto she will be affected, for a few seconds, with poison too, doing an approximate total of 22hp of damage during which the toxin will slowly eat away at her health. To fully use the ability of this sword Ayame should take Poison Antidote immediately after equipping the swords. This way Ayame will not be affected with its poison.

Videos Edit

Tenchu Wrath of Heaven Walkthrough Ayame Mission 709:42

Tenchu Wrath of Heaven Walkthrough Ayame Mission 7

Tenchu- Fatal Shadows - C7B-L104:10

Tenchu- Fatal Shadows - C7B-L1

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