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Master Denki
Gender Male
Occupation Ogawaran Ninja Master
Affiliation Ogawara Ninja
Weapon Katana
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Denki (伝鬼 Denki?), also known as Master Denki, was a Ogawaran ninja master and the one responsible for the assassination of a Goda official, Todo. However, he too was assassinated by a ninja, one of the Azuma clan.


Ogawara-Goda WarEdit

Denki was anonymous, until news spread about the death of Todo, a Goda official. The reason for this was likely because Todo escaped a seduction into Ogawara, preformed by Agent Osae, one of the Ogawaran Female Agents. Osae was assassinated by a lone Azuma ninja, thus warning Todo. Nagayori Ogawara must have thought him useless then, so Master Denki was sent out to do the ill deed. Master Denki escaped capture, and he was still prowling around the Kasumiume Bridge. An Azuma ninja unit was sent out to stop him, who succeeded, and Denki lay dead at his feet after a while.

Abilities and AppearanceEdit

Denki had novice ninja skills,exceeding those of the Ogawara Ninja, although he was still relatively unskilled compared to the Jokunoichi. Denki appeared to be a middle aged man with an old face. He wore a blue-grey helm with a white symbol at the forehead, and wore purple-blue colored boots. He wore a full body grey-blue ninja outfit, with a purple jacket that had blue accents with small patterns over them. He also wore a purple-grey scarf.

Trivia Edit

  • He may have had connections to another ninja master, Gunzo.
  • In the cut scene of the mission where you assassinate him, he seemed to be having a discussion with Shigi.

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