Ayame decapitates an enemy samurai.

The Azuma ninja sometimes decapitate or dismember their targets after performing Hissatsu.

Background Information and NotesEdit

Rikimaru and Ayame could dismember the part of enemies torso, including arms and head in many ways. The succession of dismemberment is based how much damage they could inflict to enemies. When Rikimaru/Ayame launch a heavy strike frontally to enemy when he/she has an health below 20 or 5, the dismemberment could happen with slight chance.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a chance to behead enemy without doing stealth cut-scene by performing jump and slash(X + Square). But once again, this only occur by player's luck. In Tenchu 2, these technique is no longer available and replaced by stealth technique cut-scene.
  • It should be noticed if player could dismember their arms by thrusting to enemies when doing face-to-face or when the enemies not to notice you.
  • Due the heavy censorship in Japan, an Acquire version of Tenchu doesn't include decapitation and pool of blood on the enemy's corpse, alongside with missing 2 mission in America and Europe Version(Crossing the Checkpoint and Punish the Corrupt Minister while Rikimaru execute Minister Kataoka).
  • Until Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, the later game of Tenchu does not feature dismemberment or removed.

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