Wang dahai

The Baolisung (抱留孫党) were a band of Chinese pirates that battled the Azuma ninja during the time of the Burning Dawn crisis.


Burning Dawn crisisEdit

The Baolisung were headed by Wang Dahai and his son, Wang Xiaohai. The duo accepted a contract from the Burning Dawn to kidnap villagers throughout the land of Gohda for use as slave labor in the construction of the Fire Demon. Dahai chose Kubon Island as his base of operations, while Xiaohai selected an unnamed harbor.

After receiving various reports of disappearing villagers, Lord Gohda asked Azuma Shiunsai to investigate the matter. Shiunsai sent Ayame to Kubon Island, while Rikimaru was tasked with looking into the events in the Usaba Mountain range. Dahai was cut down by Ayame on Kubon, while Rikimaru slew Xiaohai aboard his ship.

It is unknown what happened to the Baolisung organization following the deaths of its leaders, but it is highly probably that it was disbanded.