Anest Tadari
Anest Tadari
Gender Male
Occupation Trader and Kidnapper
Affiliation Himself
Weapon Rapier
Status Deceased
First Appearance Tenchu Z

Anest Tadari (アネスト・タダーリ Anesuto Tadāri) was a foreigner who kidnapped House of Gohda civilians and sold them to servitude. He gathered his thugs at the town of Fukutani and planned to strike again, but he was assassinated by a lone Azuma Ninja.

Abilities, Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Tadari had no abilities worth of note, except weird drunk-like sword attacks, which were quite unpredictable. His appearance was quite similar to Piet Nekilt's, wearing the same type of nobility clothes but there are lots of differences. Tadari's hat was more purple and had a red feather and his shirt was a forest like color. Tadari's pants were also forest color and his face had a more spoiled look. His face was more wider, his mustache was also more widespread, his eyes were narrow and he had a half face silver mask. What he and Piet both had were a cape, ruffed white collars on the neck and wrists and pretty designs over his clothes. Overall, he had a wasted look. In game play, however, Anest had Piet's red two piece suit and his green cape instead of a grey suit and a red cape. Anything else remained the same. Not much is known of his personality, but someone who kidnaps innocent civilians would earn himself a reputation as a cold and cruel fellow.


  • He could have had connections with Piet Nekilt and they are both believed to be of Dutch origin.
  • The Japan–Netherlands relations during late Nanban trade and specially during Edo period were in some way significant for the cultural and scientific development of pre-modern Japan.
  • Both Anest and Piet seem to have weird moments of pain. When you hit them, instead of grunting in pain, they'll say "Ouch!" in a comical manner.
  • Coincidentally, the color of Tadari's two piece outfit is exactly the opposite to Piet's. Tadari's costume is grey and green, and his cape is red. Where'as Piet's outfit is red and his cape is green.
  • In the game itself, Tadari had pale white skin and wore Piet's red two piece suit and green cape.The reason for this is unknown.
  • The patterns on Tadari's clothes appear to be leaves, vines and other shrubbery, instead of Piet's golden designs.

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